Seabourn - Grand Pacific Voyage: A World Of Islands

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Sales open 31 March 2021
Vancouver to Sydney onboard Seabourn Odyssey
30th September 2022
The Pacific Ocean is earth’s largest feature, larger than all the dry surface of the planet combined. It occupies a third of the globe, and at its widest point stretches halfway around the world. It plunges to a depth of nearly 36,000 feet, obscuring the planet’s deepest scars. And its glossy, ever-moving surface is embellished with most of the world’s islands – 25,000 of them. We invite you to join us as we embark the intimate, ultra-luxury Seabourn Odyssey resort at sea in your choice of Seattle or Vancouver to follow a path of islands across the immense blue arc of the Pacific – sailing from one intriguing, enticing landfall to another – discovering, learning, and sharing the excitement in a relaxed but stimulating atmosphere of gracious elegance and ease.

Seabourn - Grand Pacific Voyage: A World Of Islands

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